South District, a Great Place to Do Business, Live and Visit

Renowned as the land of excellence in the ancient times, South District is located in the south of the central urban area of Zhongshan, the hometown of Sun Yat-sen, a great man in Chinese history. It occupies an area of 48 square kilometers, and has four communities under its administration, respectively, Liangdu, Beixi, Chengnan and Maling. With a permanent population of around 65,300 people, South District is the homeplace of over 40,000 who reside in more than 30 countries and areas outside China, and thus is the major hometown of overseas Chinese in Zhongshan.

The geographic location of South District in the Pearl River Delta

Being one of the cradles of Xiangshan culture, South District boasts a long history and all kinds of talents. For the recent years, this place has been changing with each passing day, with remarkable achievements in economy, urban and rural construction, people’s livelihood and civilization.

The geographic location of South District in Zhongshan City

I. A great place to do business

In recent years, South District has set up a development pattern featuring “one center and two bases” by thoroughly implementing the strategy of “prospering by industry, the tertiary sector and culture”. To be more specific, South District has engaged in modern service industry to build a central business district, introduced advanced manufacturing to set up the Elevator Industrial Base in Zhongshan of China Torch Program, and worked with strategic emerging industries to establish Zhongshan Aerospace – Beidou Aerospace Industrial Base for the Internet of Things.

Central business district

With an overall planning area of about three square kilometers, it basically consists of six major areas, respectively for administration, business, office, recreation, culture and media and residence. As enterprises are settling headquarters and regional branches in this place, the CBD has entered “a fast lane” of development and become a new momentum for the commerce and business in the main area of Zhongshan.

The Elevator Industrial Base in Zhongshan of China Torch Program

It is the first elevator industrial base of China Torch Program. With an area of 5,000 mu (1 mu=666.7 square meters), it has attracted over 50 elevator manufacturers and supporting companies and launched ten major projects including an elevator experimental tower.

Zhongshan Aerospace – Beidou Aerospace Industrial Base for the Internet of Things

Occupying an area of 5,500 mu, this industrial area will usher in industrial transformation and urban upgrade and set an example in city and industry integration as well as smart city building. The incubation center, which occupies an area of 6,000 square meters, has come into service, and some high-tech enterprises and projects such as Guangdong APC and Guangdong Beidou Platform have already settled down, or are on their way.

II. A great place to live

Amid acceleration in the planning and construction of road and railway infrastructure in the Pearl River Delta, South District has made solid progress in road infrastructure. Guangzhou-Zhuhai Expressway West Line (South District Sector) has been open to traffic; Zhonghuan road is approaching completion; construction of roads including Yanjiang Road and Danan Road has been put on the agenda… these projects will significantly improve road transportation in South District when completed and cut in large the time distance between this area and the surrounding townships and cities, which brings along a real half-hour economic cycle.

With gradually enhanced city management, South District has promoted the appearance to a new level, effectively improved social security, ensured modern education to develop in a sound and balanced way, flourished in public cultural undertakings, and scored remarkable achievements in building a safe district. Top residence communities have been successively set in this place, including Vanke City Views, Agile Bidi Wanpan, Wing on City, Tsinghua Garden, Evergrade Oasis, Yuexiu Starry Winking, Zhongao Villa, Shin Kong Place and Yarra City.

Social undertakings of South District take root in the hometown of overseas Chinese, and sound and steady development is guaranteed in areas such as culture, education and hygiene. Boasting elite schools including Qiaozhong Yingcai School, Liangdu Secondary School, Zhuxiuyuan Elementary School, Liangdu Elementary School and Beitai Elementary School, South District has been one of the top education districts of Guangdong Province. Besides, Zhongshan Jishuitan Orthopedic Hospital in partnership with Beijing Jishuitan Hospital is about to be put into operation.

Proactive efforts have been made to explore new ways of social management for a “South District of joy”. South District has established a “2+8+N” pattern from trials, expanded government service to communities by setting up administrative service centers there to promote one-stop service of communities, and focused on grassroots in administration and service to make communities more autonomous. It has vigorously nurtured social organizations. Efforts have been accelerated to make community services such as planting and sanitation more socialized and market-oriented by the government’s purchase of services. With the establishment and improvement of comprehensive service centers of social workers, a social management service pattern featuring multi-governance has been created to consistently encourage creativity in this field.

Quality residence available, unique traffic location, sufficient top education resources, effective government administration and a stable and harmonious society… all of these contribute to a new livable South District!

III. A great place to visit

Against the lofty Wugui Mountain and with the clear Qijiang River flowing by, South District boasts a delightful natural environment. Following a guideline that highlights the landscape and a proper layout, it strives to work out a scientific planning of this district as a whole. It sticks to an idea of ecological civilization that people should respect, conform to and protect nature, which should be fully integrated with the whole process of developing economy and politics and building culture and the society and should serve the local landscape the best. Only in this way can South District with its landscape be livable and unique.

South District boasts a long history and all kinds of talents, and is one of the cradles for Xiangshan culture. This place has been home to numerous historical and cultural figures in all ages: Ma Nanbao, one of the four loyal men in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), Liang Xifu, a chief designer from Tiecheng Xiangshan (the former name of Shiqi of Zhongshan today), Yang Xianyi, the father of Chinese air force, Ma Yingbiao, a pioneer of Chinese department store industry, and Guo Le and Guo Quan, two brothers who founded Wing On… All of them have made South District outstanding with excellent culture of overseas Chinese, business, loyalty and filial piety, celebrity and tourism.

A recreational and commercial tourism center featuring Zhan Garden and Wenbi Mountain has been established. Eco-tourism resources have been integrated for the construction of Zhan Garden, which is a National 4A Scenic Spot featuring the Chinese culture of filial piety, the educational Big Pinwheel World of Wenbi Mountain, and the Crescent City for children characterized in simulation and experience. Besides, humanistic resources highlighting the culture of overseas Chinese have been promoted.

Based on the construction of these two scenic spots, vigorous efforts have been made to improve landscape, build graceful and livable villages, and construct greenways. Advantages arising from the location along the river have been given full play and the construction of the South District Sector of Yanjiang Road has been greatly sped up. South District has developed into a recreational and commercial tourism center integrating elements such as the culture of filial piety, overseas Chinese, education and ecological leisure. This is a place that attracts ambitious merchants from all directions to invest and start businesses; it is also a home where people get close to nature, recover their original simplicity, relax physically and emotionally, and cultivate inner tranquility.

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