Scenic Spots
Zhan’s Garden, also known as Zhongshan Da Zhai Men (a big house in old-style), being the biggest private garden in classical-style currently in Ling Nan area, is located along the 105 national truck road at Beitai Village, South District of Zhongshan. Covering an area of over 6 hectares, Zhan’s Garden is designed by its owner, Mr. Yuanxin Huang and built by more than a hundred skillful craftsmen from Suzhou for a consecutive of 5 years’ meticulous work. The original construction is to provide a quiet and comfortable place with elegant environment for Ms. Zhan, Mr. Huang’s mother, to spend her remaining years. Zhan’s Garden at the initial stage was today’s backyard, which was the place where Ms. Zhan enjoyed her life with her family. To honor his parents, the owner named the bridge after his father and the garden, his mother. In addition, a place is especially opened up as the Hall of Filial Piety, in which colored paintings demonstrate the 24 ancient stories of filial piety. The present Zhan’s Garden is a private garden with hills, water and yards, providing poetic and picturesque scenery for visitors.
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